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JS File Explorer is all in one program tool, where you can explorer SD card, device memory, with zip-unzip support, with fully swf player. This App can let you explore all your video and audio (Multimedia) files separated under different tabs.

This app can play Audio & Videos with customizable options. You can use this app as swf player, file manager, zip unzip tool, video player & image viewer.

Do You want to play swf (flash) Games ?
Do You want to play Animations ?
Do you want to play SWF files ?

Then this program can play all of these instantly!
You no need to download any other file or data!
Its Totally Ads FREE Version With Full Features!


✓ My File Manager
✓ My SWF Player
✓ Files Zip-Unzip Tool
✓ Unique Layout Design


✓ File zip/unzip support (you can Compress & Decompress the files & folders).
✓ View Different file formats, videos, photos & documents anywhere, even can play them.
✓ Different views List, Small Icons, Large Icons, Detailed view make this App very useful.
✓ Thumbnails for APK, so can install the APKs on your Mobiles.
✓ Thumbnails for images, with an inbuilt image browser which makes easy to browse your images and pictures.
✓ Multi Files selection.
✓ Tells you the Memory Status.
✓ Useful Tools Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Select All and Multiple select Features added.
✓ It counts the number of items in any folder.
✓ Can create NEW Folder.
✓ Rename the files and folders of any type.
✓ Send or share any file, Audio, Video, Image or Picture with your Friends or Family members.
✓ Can create the Shortcut of desired file or folder.
✓ Can check the Properties of your files, folders, audio, video, pictures, images etc.
✓ Can tell you file Type, Path, Size Date of last modified.
✓ Its with GO Back / Go Forward feature which makes easy navigation and exploring.
✓ Its with complete flash player support, so you can play flash (SWF) games, videos animations just by clicking on them.
✓ Some Customization Options are built.


✓ Choose your desired Flash (SWF) file to run.
✓ Click on Play button to play this flash Game or any flash files.
✓ In Play mode, you can press Menu button on Device to see the Options.
✓ You can set Volume, Brightness, Lock screen or can see your flash file details.
✓ From the top you can open any other flash files both from your SD card or Internal mass storage.
✓ Can make Favorites list.
✓ Pinch on the screen to ZOOM -/+.
✓ Drag your flash screen by finger touch.
✓ Use the CROSS button on right top corner to Hide the Option tab.

Q - What is SWF file?
A - SWF is one of the most popular Flash container formats and it's used for most of the animated content and video clips on today's websites.

Q - How to use?
A - You can download flash files(.swf) from internet and copy to SD-card. Play them with this tool.

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Designed & Developed By: Jolta Technology

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