Final Cut Pro X Multicam Edits

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    Learn the art of Multicam Editing in Final Cut Pro X with our in-house "X"pert, Michael Wohl...

    Multicam editing in Final Cut Pro X has arrived! Here to give you a detailed exploration of its possibilities is's master editor and trainer, Michael Wohl.

    Michael begins this tutorial with an overview of the FCP X Multicam workflow. From there you'll dive into the creation of Multicam clips from the Event browser. You'll also learn about Clip Angles and how you can order and synchronize them in FCP X. In the following section Michael explains the Angle Viewer as well as the various ways to edit and switch between multiple camera angles.

    In the last two sections of this tutorial, Michael focuses on modifying, fixing and reordering the clips inside your Multicam project. He shows you several tips and tricks to help you with your next multi-camera project. Multi-camera editing in Final Cut Pro X: Michael Wohl's got you covered!

    Table of contents:

    1. Introduction
    2. Multicam Overview
    3. Multicam Metadata
    4. The New Multicam Clip Command
    5. Angle Assembly Options
    6. Angle Clip Ordering
    7. Angle Synchronization
    8. Additional Multicam Properties
    9. The Angle Viewer
    10. Angle Viewer Options
    11. Playback Performance
    12. Basic Multicam Editing
    13. Switching Angles
    14. Audio Only or Video Only Switching
    15. Finessing Edits
    16. Rippling Multicam Clips
    17. The Angle Editor
    18. Fixing Multicam Sync
    19. Adding & Deleting Angles
    20. Reordering Angles
    21. Closing the Angle Editor
    22. Modifying Angle in Editor
    23. Modifying Angle in Timeline

    Tags: multicam with final cut pro , fcp x advanced video editing