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When I was a kid, he was living in Miami, Florida.
He attended the University of Las Vegas, was active as a member of the gangsta hip-hop group '2 Live Crew ',' Barry Univercity '.
However, in order to concentrate on during the music, and I dropped out. 'Poe Boy Entertainment' pickup to his musical activities, such as Rick Ross, Trick Daddy, and musicians are met. Thus, 2006 DJ Carr, Red's album 'We The Best' participation.
Debut as soon as he became famous. 2008, thanks to the hit single 'Low'.
The movie 'Step Up 2' as shown in the OST album two the track was released as soon as they are ranked # 1 in the Billboard 100 chart.

Flo Rida (Flo Rida Tramar Dillard) singer
Date of Birth: 16 December 1979 (USA)
Age: 34 years old (only 32 years old)
Gender: Male
Real name: Tramar Dillard
Constellation: Sagittarius
Band: Ram
Agency: Four Boy Entertainment
Single album debut: 2007 [Low]
Award: 2009 People's Choice Awards popular hip-hop songs

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