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Foo Fighters (Foo Fighters) geurolyi the Nirvana drummer Dave is an American rock band formed in 1995. Foo Fighters, the name was used during World War II term that means unidentified flying object, "Foo Fighters" comes from.
, , , holds them, and many hits, "There Is Nothing Left to Lose" and "One by One", "Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace "The Grammy" best rock album "category was awarded from.

Foo Fighters (Foo Fighters) singer
Members: Dave Grol (lyricist, composer, vocals), Chris swipeulreteu (guitar), naeyiteu Mendel (bass), Taylor Hawkins (drums), Pat Smear (guitar)
Debut: 1st album in 1995 [Foo Fighters]
2012 54th Grammy Awards for Best Rock inseuteurumenteol peopomeonseusang
2012 Grammy Awards for Best 54th Oh Sang Long Form Music Video
2012 54th Grammy Awards for Best Rock aelbeomsang

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