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    Enjoying video on mobile phone is really a wonderful thing. But the prerequisites is you must have a powerful Video Player app. Can your video player play all video files? Can your player add your feeling to the expressed movie? Do you can manage other files with your player? Free Media Player can do all these work and it can also offer you smoothly video screen and volume. The power of this player is out of your imagination! Let's view its functions below in detail!
    -Free app for all people.
    -Play all kinds of video file on market.
    -Play audio file such as MP3,Wma with this app.
    -Show video file such as FLV, MP4, WAF, WAV and so on.
    -Show the video name.
    -See the previous picture of the video and manage the image as you like. You can rotate, enlarge and so on.
    -Add your own feeling to the video. Just like input your film review.
    -Search the history of your film review.
    -See all file in your mobile phone.
    -You can manage the file as convenient as on computer. Select manage the file, you can cut, copy, paste, create new folder and so on.
    -Share with your friends through twitter, Bluetooth, Message, email, Facebook and other devices on your mobile phone.
    -Convert to PDF file if you download another free app.

    About the screen buttons:
    There are no any buttons on the screen. You may curious about "how can I manage it". Here is the steps:
    First, slide at the right of the screen with your fingers up and down, you can adjust the volume. and there will appear a speaker icon on the center.
    Second, slide the left of the screen with the same method, you can adjust the brightness. and it will show you a brightness icon on the center.
    Third, press the main screen, will appear a progress bar and a play/pause button. You can press the bar to play forward or back as you like and stop or play the video with pressing the icon on the lower right corner.
    Attention: if you have other video file download form our company, you may not open it or foreclosed the app. They are not coexist. Please save one only!

    Media player is a term usually used to describe computer software for playing back multimedia files. While many other media players can play both audios and videos, others focus only on one media type or the other. Such kind of players are known as either audio players or video players and have a user interface tailored for the specific media type.

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