Freestyle Dance Battle Lets Go



Explore the world of Mr.Animation to your android tube , the entertainer who's became universal with the international success of his break dance through b-boys and being acknowledge through his rawness, street dance, popping, hip hop,reason to ryme, for audio and video downloads, lyrics, interviews, and profile of his dance and rap style.
Learn more about mr animation , and his legendary success.he grew up watching god father of soul james brown micheal jackson gene kelly for there singing and dance mr.animation has working on producing new music mixed with pro tools Turntables, synthesizer, DAW, rapping, drum machine, sampler, drums, guitar, bass guitar, piano, beatboxing, vocals and the hip hop street dancing that covers his stage presence and live entertainment.he still live to dance like rock steady crew,freestyle session,bboy summit,and so you think you can dance with the the stars.a must see music video shot in los angeles the grounds of street battles.Have fun a great video for you!

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