Funy cat Videos



The cat or cat (Felis silvestris catus) is a small carnivorous mammal domestic. He lived with humans for some 9,500 years, a much earlier date in previous estimates, which dated domestication of this species in 3500-8500 years ago.

That is why this application can see the funniest videos of the entire network.

Funny Cats, allows you to view, so easy and convenient, videos funniest cats. Enjoy a bit of laughter with your friends and family ... the funniest videos of the moment. *

The application requires internet connection to view the videos.

**** Features ****
Store application on SD.
Variety of videos.
Inline images.

Automatic updates of links.

**** NEW ! ****
- Compatibility with Android +1.6.

**** Soon ****
Improvements in the quality of the videos.
Selecting video quality.
Top 10 views.
Interface improvements.
Support Youtube.
Add your videos.
Share your Youtube videos.
Download videos.
Vote for the funniest videos.

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