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The GeoVid project explores the concept of sensor-rich video tagging. The GeoVid Recorder app is more than just a video recording application. It provides sophisticated geo-tagged video sharing with other users.

With GeoVid, recorded videos are tagged with a continuous stream of extended geographical properties that relate to what the camera observes and captures. This metadata is then utilized for storing and indexing large collections of community-generated videos.

Video searches can be performed in a certain area (a "Range" query), which a certain shooting direction or looking at a specific location from all around (i.e., a "Surround" query), or by keywords. Search can either be directly performed from the app or from our web portal at Sensor-rich videos can be directly recorded and uploaded from this app and so enable community-driven video contributions to the web portal.

Happy video sharing !

1. record sensor data (GPS, accelerometer, magnetometer, gyro scope if available)), while recording a 3Mbps 480p video. Currently, we have no upload size limit.

2. segment a video to a number of smaller DASH-compliant self-contained video segments during video upload.

3. uploaded video segments are transcoded into multiple encoded bitrate versions (medium: 800Kbps, low: 256Kbps). We also make the encoded versions available via HTML5 video interface. Please visit for more info.

4. search and play your uploaded videos via HTML5-based web application. During the video playback, its corresponding location and viewing direction are synchronously rendered.

1. Record a video from our video recording screen.
2. Examine its trajectory from an embedded map interface.
3. Upload the video to a server.
4. Visit ( ).
5. Search and play your videos from the map.

This Android app will collect location, direction, date and time information and submit it to our server. We do not collect any personally identifiable information. If you have privacy concerns about the collection of such information, please do not use this app!

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