Great Media Player




    Great Media Player is a media payer and file manager app all in one. It is a media player but has a file manager appearance. You can not only use it to play media file (video file like FLV,RMVB,ASF,AVI an d so on, audio file like MP3,WMA and so on), but also manage other kinds of file like png/jpg pictures, texts and so on.
    Powerful media features:
    1.Support almost all video file on market. You just need to download from internet with computer or other devices, it can help you open them normally.
    2.Support many audio file formats like mp3,mp4, wma and so on.
    3.Full screen when you watch the video.
    4.Make fast forward or back.
    5.Adjust brightness and size of volume by press the screen up and down.
    6.Make a stop or pause during the play.
    7.Enter the next video file or previous video file.

    Powerful file manager features:
    1.See all file in your mobile phone.
    2.refresh the page if you have manage the file.
    3.back to the formal level
    4.Manage files like rename ,delete, paste, long pres the file.
    5.Press add button of your mobile will appear five new buttons.
    -With five new buttons you can set new folders, delete, paste, back to root or return to up level.
    -When you cut or copy one file, find the other folder, will appear paste button on the below of the folder.

    Open the app firstly, you can see all files in your mobile phone. Find the folder with video files or music files, you can open them with this free app. If there are suit apps on your mobile, you can also open other files directly.
    Download this app, but has the functions of two different apps, and it is a free app! Where can you find this kind things? Do not avoid it, it will surprise you!

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