Guild Wars 2-Hall of Monuments



This application allows you to access your Hall of Monuments directly from your
Android device.

***** NOTE : You must enter a character name from the original Guild Wars game to access your Hall of Monuments. A Guild Wars 2 character name won't work ! *****

The Hall of Monuments exposes achievements and distinctions earned by your character
in the original Guild Wars game.
The more you fill in the Hall of Monuments, the more rewards you get for Guild Wars 2.
You can link your current Guild Wars account
with your Guild Wars 2 account, on the official website.
By doing so, you can benefit from your character's legacy.

With this application, you can see achievements unlocked by a character, and see
rewards he obtained. To do this, simply enter the wanted character name (from Guild Wars 1).

The application also allows you to filter rewards based on your Guild Wars 2
profession, thus only displaying objects used by this profession.

Whether you wish to check achievements you still have to unlock or you just wish to
discover your legacy, this application is intended for all Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 fans !

Note : I am in no way affilated with ArenaNet or NCSoft. This application has been developped in a non-profit way, for Guildwars fans.

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