IGISP Videos 2013 Wednesday Se

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    Big Events - In Gods Image: My Self-Portraits(TM). A few videos for My 2013 Wednesday Services. DO NOT DELETE.

    The videos taken through this program are specially designed for your safekeeping and delivery/redelivery to your 2013 Wednesday Services someday.

    This application joins with the capabilities of OI File Manager and your smartphone's or tablet's onboard camera.

    ALL VIDEOS ARE STORED ON YOUR MOBILE SD Card; NO videos or other information is sent anywhere else by this program. This information is solely yours. OI File Manager does have its own way of sending a picture by email, renaming, copying, deleting or moving videos if this is what you choose to do.

    Copyright and IP Notice:
    Copyright 2012 Lance W. Foss. Format, function, fit and finish - Lance W. Foss. All Business and Intellectual Property rights secured. Additional In Gods Image: My Self-Portraits(TM) modules other than this one, .... A few videos for my 2013 Wednesday Services, are found in the Google Play Site and the Apple App Store.

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