Latvia Radio



Latvia Radio is android application use for listen from online radio station in Latvia.

This radio interface is simple to use, Give full play to the mobile media portable advantage and the spread of the Internet advantage, With advanced technology, excellent design strength, to provide you with clear, stable and high quality radio to listen to the new experience. Completely from regional signal and the factors of interference, let you never leave home, quickly understand the country events.

Software main functions:
1.Quick to listen to and switching stations;
2.Collect the prefer radio;
3.View recent listen to the radio;
4.Station fast search;
5.Timing closure radio

Latvia Radio station:
- Capital FM
- European Hit Radio
- Jumor FM
- Krievu Hitu Radio
- Latgolys Radeja
- LKR Latvijas Kristigais Radio
- MIX FM 102.7
- Neon Club Radio
- Radio 101
- Radio Baltkom
- Radio Europa Plus 99.5 FM
- Radio Latvia 4 - Doma laukums
- Radio Latvia One
- Radio Latvia Three Klasika
- Radio Latvia Two
- Radio Oira
- Radio Pik
- Radio Skonto
- Radio SWH
- Radio SWH+
- Radio Valmiera 106.8 FM
- SpinFM
- SWH Rock
- Top Radio 98.4

When radio first use, it may take a short time to initialize and load data, please be patient, the next time you use the speed of response will be greatly improved.