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If MicroSD Card was disabled, please send your MicroSD Card path to E-mail. then I will update for you.
Ex) Samsung MicroSD Card ( /mnt/sdcard/external_sd )

Use Sound BlackBox, Secret Voice Recorder, ETC...

This application is very good voice recorder app.

If you are using this application, a better performance than other voice recorder applications will be able to experience.

Must use the free version, what is going on well in their mobile phone after checking, please download the paid version.

※ If Android SDK upgrade to the latest version or the phone is a high performance, more reliable programs are available.

- Lite Ver.

1. Recording Time : 5 minute
2. Recording Count : 5 files

- Notice

1. If the application does not work, please reboot your phone.
2. please touch screen.
3. Turn off the screen.

If you have any questions or Improvements, please email us. Will try as much as possible to reflect. also, Will be updated continuously.

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