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Fun Offline Video of the famous Little Chick Cheep Original and Little Chick Cheep Revenge.
(Pulcino Pio) English version.
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Have fun watching the famous Little Chick Cheep.

The name 'Pulcino Pio' or 'The little chick Cheep' is an italian hype (2012). An italian radio-dj and singer made a modern remake of this song for little kids. To make it even more popular they translated the song to a lot more countries in 2013.
And believe me, this song is annoying in every language!

"Il Pulcino Pio" is an Italian song released as a single on 18 July 2012 on Globo Records by the Rome radio station Radio Globo. The song is credited to the character Pulcino Pio (literally the chirping chick) and is actually interpreted by Morgana Giovannetti, an actress and host of the station.

It became the 2012 summer hit single in Italy peaking in the FIMI official Italian Singles Chart at #1 and staying at top for 8 consecutive weeks (August to October 2012). It also became a hit in France, Spain, the Netherlands, and other European countries in their respective local language versions. The English version was released as "The Little Chick Cheep", the French version as "Le poussin Piou", the Spanish version "El Pollito Pio", the Dutch version "Het kuikentje Piep" and the Catalan version "El Pollet Piu".

Language versions
Many language versions followed like:
Catalan: "El Pollet Piu"
Dutch: "Het Kuikentje Piep"
English: "The Little Chick Cheep"
French: "Le Poussin Piou"
German: "Das kleine Küken piept"
Greek: "To poulaki Tsiou" (in Greek "Το Πουλάκι Τσίου")
Greek (Cypriot version): "To Poulloui Tsiou" (in Greek "Το Πουλλούι Τσίου (Κυπριακή Version)")
Portuguese: "O Pintinho Piu"
Romanian: "Puiul Piu"
Spanish: "El pollito Pio"