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    Now With Audio and Video Stream Both!!

    This is an Unofficial Application Made by for Islami Brothers & Sisters, so they could Watch/Listen to Madani Channel Video/Audio Stream On their Android Devices.
    Madani Channel is Solely Owned & Broadcasted by Dawat e' Islami,
    KGNfosys Does Not Claim Any Rights To Madani Channel.

    *** This App Will Only Work after You Install The Vitamio Plugin (It's Available on Google Play (App Store for free) or download from their site For Free)***

    Vitamio Official page:

    Alhamdhulillahi Azzawajal, Over 3000 Islami Brothers & Sisters are actively using this app without any Problems, If you do come across one, Then please consider e-mailing us first on the ID given below. Asking for help on the review section isn't the right thing to do, we cannot reply there. The 'care' email has been provided for a reason.

    -I think that some bros are a bit confused as to what this app does, let me explain:
    this app needs internet, this app does not show content on its own, it Only shows live Madani Channel video stream as broadcasted by Dawat e' Islami, so we have no control over the video content shown..

    For the love of Allah Azzawajal Wa Rasool SallAllahu Alaihi Wa a'lihi Wasallam,
    at the very least try to understand what this is before rating low-

    ~Please Checkout Our New App, Kanzul Iman For Android!~

    Important! Please Follow These Instructions Before Use:

    1. First, let’s start By Reciting Bismillah & Durood Shareef.

    2. There Are 4 Vitamio Plugin Versions, Install the Best Suited Version According to Your Device's Processor (CPU).

    Tip: Find Out Which Type of Processor Your Device Contains by Googling your Device model & 'processor' as keywords.

    3. After Installing The Vitamio Plugin, Install This ‘Madani Channel’ Application.

    4. At This Point, It’s always nice to do a Restart.

    Alhamdhulillah, now you’re All Set! Just Open 'Madani Channel' App and Enjoy!

    Note: Please be Patient When the Black Screen Appears, It Might Take 2 to 3 Minutes for the Stream to Start.

    5. If There's Any Problem with Play Back Then Use The Second Button "Try To Start Madani Channel" This Uses Different Code.. (When The Black Screen Appears, Tap the Screen To Show a 'YouTube' Like 'PLAY' Button, Click It and Wait For The Video TO Start!)

    -Known Issue and a Work Around-

    While the video is playing, if you were to change the screen Orientation from portrait to landscape or the other way around, the video may get sliced in half. To Avoid this, Please Orient the screen as you would like it to be before you click on the Start Madani Channel Button (before starting the video) and keep it that way. Insha Allah the video would run Smoothly.
    Sorry All Islami Brothers and Sisters, I wasn't able to fix this issue,

    If You Have any trouble with Google Play Device filtering, Don't worry, Visit us on:

    and download a suitable version for your device directly!

    Contact Us:

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