Media Composer 6 103



Media Composer is filled with tools and techniques that will get you cutting and trimming video fast! Join MC expert Jeff Greenberg as he opens up his editor's toolbox and shows you everything you need to know...
Let’s get cutting! In this tutorial Jeff Greenberg takes you deep into the Media Composer toolbox and pulls out all kinds of editing tips and tricks to help you on you way to the final cut. First you’ll learn all about the the keyboard configuration and shortcuts mapping that’ll speed things up right outta-the-box. Next there’s a section on setting up the timeline and how to add tracks and media information. From there Jeff helps you learn all the advanced editing and trimming techniques that Media Composer 6 offers. In the next series of videos Jeff dives into synchronization: You'l learn how to deal with syncing issues and how to keep your edits in sync from the first frame to the last.

Finally, Jeff gives a detailed explanation on how to optimize your workspace and bin layout and guides you through the building of a custom workspace to suit your specific editorial needs.

Whether you're studying for Avid Certification, are new to Media Composer 6 or simply wish to brush up on your skills, our Avid Learning Partner MC 6 courses are designed to get you all the information you need. Check back with us often, because more MC6 courses are coming soon!

Table of contents:

1. Mapping Keyboard
2. Mapping Menus
3. Review
4. Track Configuration
5. Adding Timeline Info
6. Clip Colors
7. Saving Timeline Views
8. Review
9. Timecode Display & Navigation
10. Fit To Fill Edit
11. Replace Edit
12. Adding Markers
13. Marker Window
14. Building A Montage With Markers
15. Match Frame Find Bin
16. Creating And Removing Dissolves
17. Review
18. Single-Sided Trimming
19. Dual-Sided Trimming
20. Extend Edit
21. Trim Mode In The Monitors
22. JKL Trim
23. Trim On The Fly
24. Slip And Slide
25. Review
26. Things That Can Break Sync
27. Fixing Sync
28. Sync Locks
29. Using Add Edits To Keep Everything In Sync
30. Review
31. Bin Layouts
32. Workspaces
33. Building A Workspace
34. Workspaces And Layouts Together
35. Review