Media Composer 6 105



Master the tools of title creation in this 32-video Media Composer 6 tutorial by Avid Certified trainer Jeff Greenberg...
This tutorial by Avid Certified Master Trainer, Jeff Greenberg, brings creating titles center stage. Jeff starts out by teaching you Media Composer’s title tools and how they function. Next up there’s an in-depth look at Kerning and Leading typesetting techniques and how you implement these typographical traditions in the digital world. From there you’ll discover how to make your text really pop using basic effects like Outlines, Drop Shadows and Glows.

The following section is all about 3D: this is where you'll learn how to create elegant Extrusions, with Surfaces that you can Rotate and "illuminate" in a three-dimensional space. Following that is a series of videos that show you how to Animate and Automate your text on a Path, as well as creating Rolls and Crawls.
Finally, Jeff explains how to edit and revise your title creation in the Media Composer 6 timeline.

Table of contents:

1. Choosing a Title Tool
2. Adjusting the Title Tool Setting
3. Title Basics
4. Kerning, Leading & Spacing
5. Outlines, Drop Shadows & Glows
6. Shapes, Arrows, Gradients & More
7. Aligning Objects
8. Saving and Creating Media
9. Roll & Crawls
10. Section Review
11. Marquee Title Basics
12. Kerning & Leading
13. Quick Title Palette
14. Shapes & Lines
15. Arrangement, Alignment & Grouping
16. Property Panes & Layers
17. The Template Library
18. Saving and Creating Media
19. Section Review
20. Extrusions
21. Surfaces and 3D interaction
22. Lights
23. Section Review
24. Text on a Path
25. Animation & Key-framing
26. Roll & Crawls
27. Autotitler
28. Section Review
29. Editing Into the Timeline
30. Editing Rolls & Crawls
31. Opening a Title for Editing
32. Section Review