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The Memory Camera experience : it's a new way to take picture, make a moving selfie, draw patchworks and create animations and games.
Between Vine and Instagram, the Memory Camera is independent of any network.

It's the best and the lightest silent burst camera for mobile phones.
You start the camera : it records pictures in its memory.
You touch the screen : browse the pictures of the memory.
You drag and drop a picture icon from the bottom to the left : choose this picture to save it, share it or use it in patchwork and animations.

This magic camera is a naturalness sensor!
Capture the natural expressions (or the funny ones) from a movement scene. Just point and take your time to choose and select the best pictures!

Some animation examples :

The Memory Camera propose :
* Frame by frame recording.
* Video replay frame by frame.
* Video reverse playback (very funny).
* Create a patchwork.
* Create an animation as animated gif
* Chosen pictures are saved only when you decide.
* Easy use of the flash light and focus modes.
* Easy switch between rear and front cameras.
* Image selection frame by frame sliding your finger on the screen.
* A precision table to choose the perfect photo.
* Tools to share your instant pictures on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social network.

The Memory Camera remembers what you are visualizing with the rear or front camera of your device.
So you can browse the images of its memory sliding your finger on the screen. Then you can choose and capture the best photos to pin on the left part of the screen.
Nothing is stored on the disk until you choose to save a picture. Of course you may share or mail all the pictures directly from the application.
The saved pictures are stored into a Memory Camera folder identified for the Gallery app.
Briefly you'll learn in the tutorial that you touch the screen to stop the image recording, and you capture a picture with a long touch or a two finger touch.
Have fun!

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