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Method Man (Method Man, 1971 년 April 1) hip-hop group Wu Tang Clan in the United States is a member of the real name is Clifford Smith.
His pseudonym "method" top of the Chinese martial arts film, "Xiao Zi Ming Da (1979)" (American name: Avenging Boxer / Method Man / The Fearless Young Boxer) is named after the American people. In addition, "Method" means as a slang, from his native Staten Island, New York, marijuana (cannabis), meaning said. His trademark deep voice a lot of marijuana smoke has been reported as now changed. He is also a member of hip-hop duo Method Man & keep on Rollin 'baby is. Mary J. He Blige sang with the "I'll Be There For You / You 're All I Need" What song was awarded a Grammy award in 1995.

Method Man (Method Man | Clifford Smith) singer, actress
Born: April 1, 1971 (USA)
Age: 42 years (10,041 years).
Gender: Male
Real name: Clifford Smith
Constellation: Aries
Band: Pig
Body: 191cm
Member of: Wu-Tang Clan, and keep on Rollin 'baby mesodeumaen
Family: Ever consider a male a female
Debut: 1993 Wu-Tang Clan first album [Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)]
Awards: 1995 38th Grammy Awards, Best Rap dyuohsang

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