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    Turn your android device into an efficient spy camera or surveillance camera. This app uses the built-in camera and monitors the video continuously. When it detects any movement in the scene, it starts recording the video. Optionally, recorded video can be sent via email or uploaded to YouTube automatically.

    How it works:

    Motion detection can be started by pressing the "Start Motion Detection" button on the "Home" page. After starting the motion detection, app goes into video monitor mode. In the video monitor mode, it continuously analyses the captured video and checks for any movement or change in the scene. Upon detecting a movement it goes into video record mode. In the video record mode it just records the video and does not analyse the scene. After recording the video for the specified duration the app transitions back to the video monitor mode. This loop continues till you stop the motion detection. Motion detection can be stopped by pressing the "Stop Motion Detection" button on the main page.

    By default all the recorded video will be stored in "VMDSpy" folder in the SD card. The App can be configured to send the recorded video via email or auto upload to YouTube. Successfuly transfered video files can be deleted automatically from the phone's SD card.


    1. Specify the video capture duration (in seconds). After the app detects a movement in the scene, it records the video for this duration.

    2. Choose the desired "Motion Detector Sensitivity" option.

    3. In the video settings page, specify the video transfer mode. Available options are "None", "Email" and "YouTube". If you don't want to transfer the recorded video files, select "None".

    4. If you don't want to keep the successfully transfered files in the phone's SD card, check the "Delete files after transfer" check box.

    5. Specify your YouTube user name and YouTube password in the video settings page. This step is needed only if you want the video to be uploaded to YouTube automatically.

    6. In "Gmail Address" box, specify the gmail address using which the emails should be sent. This step is needed only if you want the video files to be sent via email.

    7. Specify the gmail password corresponding to the above gmail account in the "Gmail Password" box. This step is needed only if you want the video or picture files to be sent via email.

    8. In "Send Email To" box, specify the email address to which the captured video should be sent. This step is needed only if you want the video files to be sent via email.

    9. Press "Start Motion Detection" button. This would show the camera preview on the screen. Place the phone in a stationary place. Optionally press the power button so that screen turns off immediately.

    10. Now the app is doing the motion detection or video recording.

    11. You may want to put the phone in silent mode so that it does not make any sound while recording the video.

    12. Captured videos are stored in "VMDSpy" folder in the SD card.

    13. To stop the motion detection: Unlock the phone. You may see the camera preview. Press the "Back" button on the phone to see the app's main page. Press "Stop Motion Detection" button and the "Exit" button.


    1. The motion detection algorithm that we have chosen cannnot detect a very very slowly changing scene. This is mainly to simplify the whole setup procedure. Hence this app may not be suitable for capturing a slowly changing scene. We have given the "Motion Detector Sensitivity" option in the app.

    2. Current version of the app cannot monitor and record the video simultaneously. Because of this limitation, we could miss the video for a small duration. Hence this app is NOT suitable for detecting any high speed action. On an average we may loose the video up to a second, but that depends the phone model.

    If you have any suggestions or any specific needs please write to us. We would like to hear from you.

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