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    Get into Movie Tracker application and find a very large collection of your favorite movies, from classics to top new releases. Movie Tracker provides a simple and easy way to combine all of your favorite movie stores into one large movie repository. If you find yourself wanting to watch a movie and have Netflix or a RedBox kiosk close to your house, why no just search and view what movies are available at our store with a simple tap on the screen?

    What's available in this release?
    - Ability to view new movie releases in main screen.
    - Ability to demo the application without having to create an account.
    - Ability to view movie information.
    - Registered users have a more extensive list of movies and allow users to view what stores have the movie available.
    - Animated movie grid list for easy browsing of your favorite movies.

    For all technical support with MovieTracker, please visit us at

    Special thanks to TMDB APIs for providing MovieTracker with a great movie database.

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