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    To watch TV and movies from your home on your Android device without paying additional subscription:

    1. install the VODOBOX Flash Server software on your Windows computer to share your home's TV sources and video files with all your mobile devices having Adobe Flash Player plugin.

    To download VODOBOX Flash Server as evaluation version on your Windows computer :

    2. install the free "My VODOBOX Android Server" application on all your Android mobile devices having Adobe Flash Player plugin to connect your home TV server from any WiFi and 3G/4G networks.

    The VODOBOX Flash Server solution have compatibility with many video sources:
    . video files from your computer and your network (avi, mp4, mkv, m2ts, wtv, ...),
    . DTTV channels (device with a digital tuner required),
    . Dreambox satellite receivers and clones,
    . IP-TV channels from ISP,
    . channels TV from Freebox HD / Player (video capture device required),
    . TV recordings from Free Magneto,
    . seeds from Freebox Server v6,
    . webcams (DirectShow compliant).

    To learn more about all the VODOBOX Flash Server software features:

    REMINDER : If one of your Android mobile devices isn't Adobe Flash Player compliant or you're perceiving Flash video player performances aren't pleasant, use our new VODOBOX Android Server software to extend your multimedia network.

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