MythTV Go



Play recordings from your MythTV PVR on your Android device.

Important: MythTV 0.25 is required, as it uses the new Services API.

* Easy to configure, can auto discover mythtv backend.
* Can configure multiple backends (e.g. to access via ssh tunnel).
* Recordings are shown in a list, grouped by name and recording group.
* Recording details and preview are shown when a recording is selected.
* Multiple transcoding profiles (Low, Medium & High quality).


1) An external video player is currently required to play the transcoded video streams. I currently recommend vplayer or diceplayer from the Play store. The player that I used to recommend (bsplayer) no longer works.

See my blog for some in-depth testing on video players:

Big thanks to those who've contacted me and helped out with testing and debugging! I'd appreciate it if anyone who has problems contacts me, before giving the app a 1 star rating. It's impossible for me to test every combination of phone/Android version/MythTV setup.

Version History:
* Fixed crash due to running out of memory with large lists of recordings
* Improved support for IPv6
* Improved error messages to give more details on why backend connections have failed

* Fixed a crash when backend doesn't respond as expected
* Added more details in error messages (backend name, ip and port)
* Tidied up backend preferences screen, so you can't enter multi-line name/ip addresses any more

Note: Most of the errors I see reported now are errors connecting to the backend. Hopefully the changes above will help people to diagnose what's wrong.

* A few bug fixes for Android 2.2 and 4
* Backend discovery should now be more reliable
* Added extra wifi permission for backend discovery on Android 4
* No longer compatible with Android 1.5 for a number of reasons

* Added option to keep or delete transcoded stream after viewing (it can be useful to keep the stream if you're going to continue watching the recording later).
* Added automatic backend discovery. Just use the "Find" button in the Backend Preferences screen
* Added input checking to backend preferences. Some people had added spaces etc. to the IP address which stopped it connecting to the backend.
* Other minor bug fixes.

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