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Youtube video of Brown Eyed Girls Carry Shah is a collection of applications.

Born: December 28, 1981 Capricorn singer filmmaker
Real name: bakhyojin
Body: 158cm 48kg
Member: Brown Eyed Girls - My (leader, lead vocals), Narsha (vocals), Miryo (rapper), Cain (vocals), Narsha Group (Narsha, jubi, telling someone, Kota)
Agent: I am a network - Brown Eyed Girl, hidden lines, sseonihil, sprinklers, yoahri, Hanyoung other

Broadcasting activities
Light and Shadow (Ahn, Namsangmi, yipilmo, Son Dam Bi), seutailsyo Phil (On Style, Narsha, hasangbaek, baktaeyun, sondaesik, Lee Hyun two), taegukgi Brotherhood (Lee Hui Jae, June, Lee Teuk, gimhyeonah, Jang, etc.), carry the Shrine Raise the volume (KBS 2FM), Invincible Youth Season 1 (gimsori, Victoria, Hyo, hanseonhwa, Ask), Good Sunday (Yoo, jiseokjin, Kim Jong Kook, haha, Gary, Lee, songjihyo)

Movie: did not get invited guest (director, yuinna, ahyiyu)

Go to the hospital (2008), La La Land (2010), I'm In Love (2010), NARSHA (22010), Mia (2010), Thorn Tree Bird OST (2011)

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