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Nasu Music Video (M / V) is a collection of application.

Naas 94 years through a contract with Columbia Records, released first album and hiphapgye best of all wrapper respected alum "Illmatic" and because of his the best lyricist skills and rap skills was shown
Pickup depeujaem record was undergoing another genius rap singer Jay-Z and beef from New York 2001-2005, both with each other to participate in the show in 2005, and then beep end dwaeteumyeo

Nasu (Nas | Nasir Ben Olu Dara Jones) singer
Born: 14 September 1973 (USA)
Age: 40 years old (only 38 years old)
Gender: Male
Real name: Nasir Ben Olu Dara Jones
Constellation: Virgo
Sign: Ox
Body: 173cm
Debut: 1994 album [Illmatic]
'The Firm' career: 1996-1998 Group members

Music video of legendary broadcast only selected images (KBS, MBC, SBS, Japan, Letterman, Taiwan, China, etc.). After you first install a YouTube player, free if you download the application, you can watch the music video. The content is updated on a regular basis.

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