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A music video Nelly bucket (M / V) is a collection of applications.

The Canadian singer-songwriter Nelly bucket and also is an actor. Gyero Portugal Portugal also has citizenship. I'm like a Bird 2001 has never won a Grammy Award. 2000 Whoa, Nelly! Was named debut album.

Nelly Furtado (Nelly Furtado | Nelly Kim Furtado) singer
Born: December 2, 1978 (Canada)
Age: 35 years of age (10,033 years).
Gender: Female
Real name: Nelly Kim Furtado
Constellation: Sagittarius
Band: the year of horse
Body: 159cm
Debut: 2000 1st album [Whoa, Nelly!]
Choewoosubokeolsang 2007 Grammy Awards
2007 MTV Europe Music Awards - Album of the Year
2007 BRIT Award for Best International Female award solo

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