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    Orange Caramel (Orange Caramel) Music Video (M / V) is a collection of applications.

    Who entertained fans with a different concept of time after-school unit, orange caramel!
    Asia won the project a shot [Bangkok City], 2 Tan [Shanghai Romance] showed in her performance of a sporty sangkeum!
    Supplemented with a fantastic composer's signature last breath album, All-Star] to participate in 'Funny Hunny' once again to have silgakke popular.

    Members: Nana, Reina, Lizzie.
    Agent: Play disc - After School (starring Diva, Zheng, Yui, Nana, Reina, Lizzie, twenty), Son Dam Bi
    Debut: 2010 EP album [The First Mini Album]
    Awards: The 11th Republic of Korea 2010 singers sector potojeniksang Video War

    17/06/2010 - Magic Girl (The First Mini Album)
    18/11/2010 - ahing
    31/03/2011 - Bangkok City
    13/10/2011 - Shanghai Business
    06/12/2011 - Supplemented All Star - Orange Caramel

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