Paint By Balls Lite




    Paint By Balls Lite is a Free version for full features search for Paint By Balls Pro on google play .

    Designed for doodling. Sat on train, passenger in a car, travelling or just plain bored. Get Paint By Balls, load in your favourite photo and doodle over it. Save the pictures and share with your friends. Nine colours to choose from. You doodle by moving your mobile and draw where the ball rolls, so it requires motion sensors to work. Switch draw mode on/off and set size of brush from 1 to 10. Practice balancing phone to get best drawings.

    Pro version has more features like bigger drawing area by hiding menu, disabling ads, more colours, save to custom location, more balls and more options.

    Pictures shown were drawn using the Pro Version.

    Pro version features:
    Much improved GUI and bug fixes.
    Bigger drawing area by hiding control panels.
    No start up ads.
    Hundreds more colours.
    Save to custom location.
    Add upto 4 fours balls.
    More ball sizes.
    Increase size of balls using the slider
    More settings.
    Swipe to clear feature
    Freehand drawing using Pen
    Set Canvas Size
    Set colours randomly or manually using RGB values.
    Dot 2 Dot built in pictures allow you to have fun joining the dots using the drawing ball to complete the pictures!
    Maze Images - Guide the drawing ball through the mazes to the finish

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