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    The best defense game, "palradok" is a movie collection applications.

    Palradok (Paladog)
    Genre: Strategy / war
    Supported models: iOS, Android
    Developer: peyijeukaet

    The best defense game! 'Palradok' was released finally in the Android Market.

    Palradok (Paladog) fazecat of a video game developed by Jin - Hyuk Kim and defense game. 1 Korea AppStore rankings for eight weeks and already the iPhone has a wonderful history of the great love batahon customers 'palradok' hero of the horses, dogs (paladin + dog) growth of the skill system, with 20 different enemy magic items app to attacks of the game.
    Pocket Gamer UK webzine 10.9 points acquired, South Korea game was the first Golden Award, February 2011 International Apple App Store What's HOT, NEW & NOTEWORTHY was named.

    - Game Mode -
    Palradok (Paladog): Destiny, wagon escorts, Battlefield mode
    Dakeudok (Darkdog): Wild Dash, Trojan Defense, Dungeon Defense Mode

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