Phone Media Player




    Phone Media Player is a new version whose user interface it adjusted and some new functions are added in it. Now it can let you cut a screen, import a subtitle file, adjust the screen size and lock the screen. It has the ability to give you a good enjoyment when you use it to enjoy a movie. One of the important points is that this player is a free player.

    You must be interested in this media player now and want to know more about its detailed information. I would like to introduce it to you.

    1. It can search the movies in your mobile phone automatically. It also supports that you can search the movies according to the format, such as avi, rmvb and mp4. It you touch the FUL FRESH button, all the different formats of movies can be searched.

    2. The BROWSER function can allow you to find the movies which may not be found by the player. You can use it to browse the files in your mobile phone but it can’t help you manage the files.

    3. The IMAGE button can let you enjoy the screenshot or pictures. It may can’t support all the formats of images. But by using it, you can get more information of the images, such as size, type, title and so on. You can manage the images in here.

    4. Now we talk about the player functions. Touching any movie icon you want to enjoy and then the movie will be played. You can enjoy it. There are five buttons on the screen top. The SHOT can let you cut a screen and the screenshot will be saved automatically. The SIZE can let you adjust the screen so that you can find a good size to enjoy a movie. The SUBTITLE can let you import a subtitle file so that your movie can has the subtitle and you can get a better enjoyment. The Lock can let the screen to be locked and all the buttons will disappear so you will not be disturbed when you enjoy a movie. The unlocking way is very easy, you just touch the MENU on your mobile phone.

    5. I have introduced the main features of this player. If you would like to support it, please give it five stars. I will be happy to get your advice and your advice will make this player better.

    Phone Media Player as its name is a free media player. You can use it without paying any money. It can let you enjoy a movie to your heart’s content with its powerful functions.

    Phone Media Player is also a good movie player. If you want to get a good player to enjoy movies, it is your best choice. You can use it to watch a movie when you waiting a bus or on the bus. You also can lie in your sofa and enjoy a movie with it. You can find a lot of video players on the internet, but it is not easy to find a really good one which can let you enjoy a movie happily.

    Phone Media Player can let you enjoy videos happily because it has the abilities. You can use it to cut a screen and adjust the size of screen. Besides, you can import a subtitle file so that you can get a better enjoyment when you enjoy a movie.

    I hope this player can become your good friends when you enjoy a movie. If you meet any problem or have any good advice, please let me know.