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Do you travel a lot? Do you walk in nature? Do you often see something beautiful or funny? Do you want to share a picture with your friends? 15sec is a fast solution for capturing a moment and sharing it quickly with your friends. 15sec Android application offers a possibility to use your mobile camera and modify the image with photo filters with all-in-one application.

Beta version of 15sec has the following effects: Old Seepian, Old B&W, Draw, Blur, Scratch, Yellowish, Vignette, Saturate, White, Burn and different kind of frames for the pictures. you can combine the effects freely, creating the result you want, finding new possibilities from the pictures. New version of 15sec also has a possibility to add a local weather* information to the picture with a simple press of a button.

15sec can also integrate with the photogallery of the Android device, so you can share the pictures located in a gallery as well. Sharing from 15sec can be done in example with MMS, E-mail or through social media platforms like Facebook.

As an additional feature application also has a photostream service located in This stream offers at least 15 seconds of fame to your pictures. The service does not store the pictures and removes the old ones when new pictures are uploaded to the photo stack. As for now using the application requires a Facebook account, but other authentication methods are planned for future versions.

15sec weather feature is powered by Weather Online (

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