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Photo on Map is your galley best mate. you can edit your photo location information(add, delete, relocate etc).
Use cases:
* when the photo has the inaccurate location and you want to reset it.
* when you forget to switch on "store location" option when you take the photo but you want to add the location afterwards.
* when you have old photos have no location or date information at all.
* when you have none photo images(pictures) without any location or date information.
* when you want to remove the location information completely.
Photo on Map can help you with all these scenario.

add location information (Geo tagging) to the photos
delete location information (Geo tagging) from the photos
change location information (Geo tagging) of a photo
change location information (Geo tagging) of more photos in one go.
show the photo details, date time, Geo information, address etc.

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