Pioneiros de Cabo Verde



Pioneiros de Cabo Verde

Determined to preserve and promote our history, memory and good principles, the group invites the membership of those who took part and recognize the contribution of the organization of Pioneiros Abel Djassi- Cape Verde (OPAD-CV) in the integration and development of the Cape Verdean society.

The benefits of an organization such as Pioneiros are priceless. Teaching our children and youth about values, culture, civism, patriotism, and teaching them about their world is one of the best ways they can learn about themselves and develop interests, leading to future careers. Healthy, well-trained children and youth is the most valuable asset a country can have; Cape Verde desperately needs this at this time.

We hope you will see the importance and need for the making of this film and the impact it will have on the lives of so many Caboverdeanos. Your valuable contribution will also assist in the completion of the documentary.

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