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Everybody have secret picture or video, some are selfie photo or video, some might be from candid camera.
Anyway you do not want anybody to find them, this app can hide them into a private box, also it can turn these picture or video into a magic picture, nobody can know your secret private photo.
The app also can hide itself, hide the app icon, hide the recent app history, hide from the media scanner.
Here is the detail features:
1. Of course it can hide your private picture, but more than that, you can hide your private picture into some fake magic picture. Even someone sneak your phone, he only can find some fake pictures, and he will not notice you are hiding something.

2. Hide the app icon in your phone. You can choose to hide the app icon in your phone, nobody know you have installed a photo vault app. The only way to open this app is, try to dial the number you have set, then it will open this app

3. You also can set a password to open this app, if some one input a wrong password, it will open a fake notepad app.

I have tried to find a way to hide my private picture for a long time, but most vault apps are still using a transitional way to encrypt data. When someone use your phone he still can know you are using some vault app hiding something. And this really bother me, so this app will hide app itself.

So choose this vault app to hide your file, no matter your photo or video, they are all hidden in a very safe magic picture, and nobody even know you are hiding something.

It also can support video vault, but I did not suggest you add video if the video file size is too large.
It also can support all other files/data, I did not add it, but you can rename your file or data to jpg file.

For the Ads:
This is a totally free apps, currently I did not have any plan to prize it, so it has some ads, if you hate ads, you can buy my other paid apps, other paid app also have the private photo vault feature.

Why it need phone call permission?
Because there is a key feature to hide this app itself, and to open the hidden app, you need to dial the secret phone number you have set. Then it need this permission.

To reset password:
Just re-download this app, the password will be reset to empty and your picture or video will not lost even you uninstall this app.
If you got any questions, feel free to contact with me.

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