Raspberry Pi Remote Control



This application is a remote control to watch movies from your Raspberry Pi.

It connects to the Raspberry using SSH and uses omxplayer to reproduce the movies. So both programs must be installed.
To install ssh type "sudo apt-get install ssh".
Raspbian "wheezy" already has omxplayer installed, but this version doesn't work well with subtitles.
You can download a version that works with subtitles here:
Or you can install it by typing:
1- "wget https://github.com/downloads/torarin/omxplayer/omxplayer_3~experimental~git20121208~ebfa6fc6_armhf.deb"
2- "sudo dpkg -i omxplayer_3~experimental~git20121208~ebfa6fc6_armhf.deb"

The differences between this free version and the premium one are:
- The premium version has no adds
- The premium version has some configuration options, you can configure if you want to adjust the framerate and resolution to the TV (by default in this version) and if you want the audio to use the standard output or HDMI.
- The premium version has buttons to change the speed (ideal to fast forward the intros) and a button to turn off the raspberry
- The premium version has the option to change the audio language if the video has more than one.
- The premium version has a subtitles menu that allows to turn On/Off the subtitles, to add/adjust a delay in the subtitles and to change the subtitles stream if there is more than one.

Any problems or sugestions please contact me at raspberryremote@gmail.com

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