Real Free TV ( Korea channels



Real Free TV ( Korea channels, no sign-up process , streaming )

★ Join free real-time high-resolution Live TV App (terrestrial, over-the-air broadcasting and domestic all ) ★
Wireless Internet (WIFI) , where possible, if the live TV anytime and anywhere can watch for free !
Existing mobile TV app to login or sign up to force a hassle , but you need to
This live TV app without any conditions, a variety of ways to support streaming TV channels .

National team 's soccer game in real time, if you want to see ?
I like the drama in real time if you want to see how ?
Do not worry anymore ! For us, rather than real-time mobile TV would be ^ ^ !

◎ differentiation
- How many channels of TV viewing and fast Streaming
- HD high-definition screen
- Real-time streaming support seamless high speed
- Over-the-air (KBS, MBC, SBS, EBS)
- GPCs (Channel A, jtbc, mbn, Chosun TV)
- Sports ( martial arts, soccer, baseball , volleyball, basketball, table tennis)
- E-spoets channel support
- Cable Support

In addition ! Channels will be updated in the future is even more colorful .

※ Caution
If you not see the video perfectly well ? ( Problems in some devices )

1 . Install Adobe Flash Player
If you get the phone for a long time watching TV dwaetdamyeon Adobe Flash Player (Adobe Flash Player) is installed and should be .
Adobe Flash Player for Android is very easy to install .
Search by Adobe Flash Player on the market when the down ends ! ~ ~
But do not bother to customers in real time to be able to download Adobe player
Button has been added. If you one-click install Adobe player will play live TV .

Two . Hardware Acceleration setting
Sometimes, depending on where the interruption occurs if some rendering, use the following
More quickly, you can enjoy video streaming, TV .
Settings> Developer options (advanced settings )> GPU hardware rendering , select the force

● All of the following TV viewing is possible.

[ Entertainment ]
Running Man , Infinite Challenge , Gag Concert , healing camps, Avatar, where my dad , a real man ,
Happy Together , Golden Fishery , the human condition , the law of the jungle , hi

[ Drama ]
Jangokjeong , yawang , work, God, is the best Yi, an incarnation of money , birth secrets, the Golden Empire
Come on Kim, Family Ties , wheezing, all of my love , sharks, hear your voice

Show Music Core , sbs Inkigayo , Music Bank

[ Preview educated ]
Documentary 3 days, zero complaints UP, client K, Human Theater

Pororo , value and Friends

● For ongoing updates
- A reliable method for the service of a new concept of technology adoption
- Online TV, Web TV, Free TV, Live TV, TV channel introduced more colorful
- SNS Added the ability to introduce to your friends ( Kakao Talk , cacao Story, My People , line, chaeton , Facebook, Twitter)
- Free TV Show back support

Free TV Show real-time app ☎ back and wait for your valuable comments .
- If you wishing additional support if you have an idea , please feel free to comment .
  Mobile TV App to Android Market best of your valuable ideas always wait.

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