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Rick Ross (Rick Ross, real name William Roberts, William Roberts, 1977 년 2 월 8 ~) raepgasuyida of the United States, Louisiana State University graduate and currently belong to Def Jam Records, and signed personal concert 'Maybach Music Group 'was established.
2006 'Port of Miami' debuted with this album in one week for more than 18 million copies sold, hip-hop magazine 'Rolling Stone' him as the 'best rapper this summer, was selected as.
In 2008, the second album 'Trilla' announced the debut in the Billboard 200 chart, and first single 'Speedin' Al Kelly was involved. The song debuted at 121. Second single, 'The Boss' a T - Pain participation, and debuted at 17. 3rd single, 'Here I Am' and the Nellie A. Breen was joined Storm, the fourth single, 'This Is The Life' took part in the singer-songwriter songjeuga tray.
2009 third album 'Deeper Than Rap' the cheotsinggeulin 'Magnificent' was a popular mall. This song was joined by John Legend, (34.82) were 62. The debut in July, 'Usual Suspects' have joined the Amazonas. He is 50 cents and a disk before.

Rick Ross (Rick Ross | William Roberts) singer
Born: February 8, 1977 (USA)
Age: 36 years (10,035 years).
Gender: Male
Real name: William Roberts
Constellation: Aquarius
Band: Snake
Debut: 1st album in 2006 [Port Of Miami]

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