RTMP Streamer Mini



Live RTMP video player and publisher to RTMP media servers (Adobe/Flash Media Server, Wowza, Red5 etc.).

- Publish to and play from custom RTMP server URL, application name, instance name and stream name.
- Video codec: Sorenson H.263.
- Audio codec: Nellymoser

Status messages:

- NetConnection:
"NetConnection.Connect.AppShutdown" - The server-side application is shutting down.
"NetConnection.Connect.Closed" - The connection was closed successfully.
"NetConnection.Connect.Failed" - The connection attempt failed.
"NetConnection.Connect.IdleTimeout" - Media Server disconnected the client because the client was idle longer than the configured value. The default timeout value is 3600 seconds (1 hour)
"NetConnection.Connect.InvalidApp" - The application name specified in the call to NetConnection.connect() is invalid.
"NetConnection.Connect.NetworkChange" - Network change, for example, a dropped wireless connection, a successful wireless connection,or a network cable loss.
"NetConnection.Connect.Rejected" - The connection attempt did not have permission to access the application.
"NetConnection.Connect.Success"- The connection attempt succeeded.

- NetStream:
"NetStream.Buffer.Empty" - Not receiving data quickly enough to fill the buffer. Data flow is interrupted until the buffer refills, at which time a NetStream.Buffer.Full message is sent and the stream begins playing again.
"NetStream.Buffer.Full" - The buffer is full and the stream begins playing.
"NetStream.Play.Failed" - An error has occurred in playback for a reason other than those listed elsewhere in this table, such as the subscriber not having read access.
"NetStream.Play.FileStructureInvalid" - The application detects an invalid file structure and will not try to play this type of file.
"NetStream.Play.PublishNotify" - The initial publish to a stream is sent to all subscribers.
"NetStream.Play.Start" - Playback has started.
"NetStream.Play.Stop" - Playback has stopped.
"NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound" - The file passed to the NetStream.play() method can't be found.
"NetStream.Play.UnpublishNotify" - An unpublish from a stream is sent to all subscribers.
"NetStream.Publish.BadName" - Attempt to publish a stream which is already being published by someone else.
"NetStream.Publish.Idle" - The publisher of the stream is idle and not transmitting data.
"NetStream.Publish.Start" - Publish was successful.

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