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Scorpio ounces (Scorpions) 1971, Hannover, Germany (Hanover) was formed in the last 30 years since the , , rock ballad as well as around the world have Repackaging left a lot of heavy metal genius. They have a very successful rock band. In fact, many bands in the world exists, but at the same time, musical success and commercial success, it is steadily getting a lot of these. Scorpions rock music, the change everybody knows you do not know their '70s hit ballad, but with a focus on ssayikidelrikhan guitar hard rock heavy metal of the 80s and cool melodious rock songs enthusiasts seobuteo the bone marrow ordinary rock / metal fans geoseo with the support of the various layers was recognized.

Scorpions (Scorpions) singer
Members: Rudolf Schenker (guitar), Matthias Jobs (guitar), Klaus mayine (vocals), Powell masiwoda (bass), James kotak (drums)
Debut: 1972 1st album [Lonesome Crow]
Official demolition 2010.01
Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and hyeopyeonhan 2000 album [Moment Of Glory] announced
1984 album [Love At First Sting] as a platinum record sales

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