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The Sharp Beam app lets you effortlessly “beam” or share content from your tablet or smartphone to a large-screen AQUOS LED TV. Get freed from your tiny screen and enjoy your content on a gi-normous Full HD 1080p 60”, 70” or even 80” LED Smart TV! Sharp offers more than 20 different models of 60” and larger LED Smart TVs with built-in Wi-Fi, and many feature the new full SmartCentralTM suite of connected TV services.
Beam Smartphone or Tablet content to an AQUOS LED TV with the Sharp Beam app!
You can also create playlists of your choice enqueuing multiple selections in the order want. It is always possible to continue browsing, either on the current site or another site, while your media plays on device.

• Enjoy your familiar browser experience for discovering and enjoying internet video, audio and photos.
• Open multiple sites at once with tap browsing
• Play the videos locally on mobile device or “beam” them to your AQUOS LED TVs
• Create and manage bookmarks for your favorite websites.
• Quickly access recommended links to websites that contain content you can beam
• Play selected content to remote devices, while continuing to browse
• Create and manage a queue of content.
• You can share or beam media on your tablet or phone with AQUOS LED TVs with built-in Wi-Fi
• PlayReady or DTCP-IP protected content can be Played or beamed (Requires Android 4.0 or higher, valid content license and compatible player for beaming)
• Media in RSS feeds can be browsed and beamed

* Please note that beaming functionality relies on the capabilities of devices on your home network, as well as the media support provided by specific websites. Beaming does not work with Flash content.

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