Snowboard Vector File



This application contains vector image set.
It will automatically saves the files into folder /sdcard/tokopixel/
Available file format : .eps,.svg, .png (with transparency)

These illustrations can be used in :
1. Presentation
2. Email attachment
3. Web illustration
4. Poster making
5. and many more

This app soon will be updated to in app billing.

Why we sell vector file through Google Play?
1. Many tablet and smartphone users are now using their devices for working (make presentations, designs, posters, emailing, and more).
2. Vector file can be upgraded or updated in the future.
3. Android and Google Play are the biggest market for mobile. Search in Google Play will widen our market as well.
4. The most importantly, you are in Google Play :)

Lot of vectors file will out soon.

*with future update:
upon request or errors or image variations are available

The screenshots given in this page are the portion of the image.

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