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The application allows you to view video blogs celebrities / politic and science news.

Supported now:

* Poznavatelnoe TV : http://poznavatelnoe.tv/
Video blogs of people like:
Evgeny Fedorov - popular politician and public figure in Russia.
Andrey Fursov - russian historian, sociologist, journalist, sociologist.
Nikolay Starikov - writer and publicist (author of several books on modern history)
Valentin Katasonov - Professor, Department of Moscow State Institute of International Finance, Doctor of Economic Sciences, corresponding member of the Academy of Economic Sciences and Business.
...And other famous people from Russia

* Postnauka - http://postnauka.ru/video
Short video lectures of famous scientists working in different fields of science.
Extremely interesting and informative.

The purpose of the application to collect links to video clips from different sources and present the opportunity to watch them.

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