This application wants to provide the Proximity Marketing service in the exposures scenario. During his visit, the user is alerted through audible and / or vibratactile signal of its proximity to a relevant point, identified according to the received power from the next access point Wi-Fi.

This is possible by defining the following steps:

a) The organizer of the event provides a map of configuration of the access points in the QR code format.

The QR code can be generated on site using the Contents http://zxing.appspot.com/generator/ = text.

Every single access point is configured through the following string:
WIFI: S: T3LAB; T: WPA; P: XXXX1; U: http / / www.t3lab.it; B: -60
The fields above are to specify:
S: access point identifier
T: Wi-Fi network encryption (optional)
P: Wi-Fi network password
U: website reference (when the application recognizes the proximity to an access point also provides a notification to this reference url to open media reference)
B: threshold power [dbm] which define the value above which indicates proximity to an access point

The single access point separated from the terminator ^

The list of access points ends with the characters ^ *

b) The user snaps a photo exhibition in the QR code defined above, by configuring the application with a single click.

c) As the user moves into the exhibit will be alerted with audio / vibration of the proximity to a point and he could open the extra media web information.

c) The user can also use the application to store contacts exposed in the QR code format VCARD.

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