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Love TV? theChanner is how to discover and enjoy the best live Internet TV channels and participate in real-time.

Discover your next favorite song watching NRJ Hits or TVULive and tweet it!

Watch and compare news from a different perspective with Press TV and France 24, and share your opinion with your friends on Facebook.

Give your say to a broadcaster, tag a channel, and write a better profile to help the community discover any new channel.
Or, just follow your financial news with Bloomberg or enjoy watching RedBull TV or Massive Mag Xtreme Sports.

theChanner is social Internet TV where you influence the television for the future.

We love TV. Welcome to theChanner!


How it works:
theChanner works as a tuner to browse web TV channels and allows your device to show them in real-time.
A broadband Internet connection is required. Your experience may vary depending on your Wi-Fi_3G Internet provider.

For the list of TV channels go to:

For broadcaster’s tool access go to:

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