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    ThereTV is a client compatible to the Sony LocationFree Protocol. To use this app you need a LocationFree Base station from Sony.

    WARNING!!! This is a BETA release. It has still several bugs. It is NOT MEANT for production use.

    WARNING!! The decoding of the Streams is done completely in software which means the CPU has to do a lot of work. Apparently some phones can't handle this. If your phone is not capable of running it due to heat problems, DO NOT USE THIS APP.

    It was developed by reverse engineering the LocationFree protocol.

    Sony did not contribute to the development of this software. They however granted me the right to distribute it.

    Supported Base Stations:
    * LF-B1
    * LF-PK1 (is the same as the LF-B1)
    * LF-B10
    * LF-V20
    * LF-V30
    Experimental support for KR and TW models

    If you find any bugs please report them in the xda-developers development thread. You can find the link at

    The documentation can also be found at
    You will definitely need to read the documentation to use this app.

    Special thanks to my alpha-testers:
    * Insanenyc
    * Ed Mc Knight (Mister_Mxyzptlk)
    * Tommyboy_65_98
    * Jim_IT
    * Jeremy Carter (for extracting the Sony remotes)

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