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    Help you to catch all your torrent resource from the rather famous torrent website, such as Fenopy, The Pirate Bay and IsoHunt.
    In our daily life, there are many occasions for us that we use our mobile phone to get some entertainment. For example, we use it to watch videos with a media player, listen music with a music player. For the music and video, sometimes we watch and listen online and sometimes we prefer to download them into our devices. Since there is impossible for us to be in a WIFI situation, the later becomes popular. For downloading the data from the Internet, How do you usually download it and where? Does it take you a lone time for one? Do you need a better tool?
    Torrent Catcher helps you find your desired data and resource and download it Quickly from the Internet.
    How to use this app? Please see the following.
    1.There are three Web site for you to choose, such as Fenopy, isoHunt and The Pirate Bay. You can choose one from the three. If you choose one, the results will be only searched in the certain web site.
    2.You can just only input the key words of what you want to find. And click search button, it will display all the relevant information of what you have imputed in the blank. Find you favorite one and enter into its downloading page.
    3. For the downloading page, please press "DOWN" at the top of the screen instead of touching the "download" on the web page. When you touch the "down", it also tell you where the file is saved. You can find it successfully.
    For the torrent that you have got here, it may fail to open. If you can not open them, please use another app-Torrent Viewer, which will help you to open it.

    Download your desired torrent for a few seconds, do you like it? Get it by the full version.
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    To know more:
    Torrent files were typically published on the websites or elsewhere, and registered with at least one tracker. The tracker maintained lists of the clients currently participating in the torrent. Alternatively, in a trackerless system every peer acted as a tracker. Azureus is the first BitTorrent client to implement such a system through the distributed table method. An alternative and incompatible DHT system, known as Mainline DHT, is later developed and adopted by the BitTorrent.
    After the DHT was adopted, a "private" flag — analogous to the broadcast flag — is unofficially introduced, telling clients to restrict the use of decentralized tracking regardless of the user's desires. The flag was intentionally placed in the info section of the torrent so that it could not be disabled or removed without changing the identity of the torrent. The purpose of the flag is to prevent torrents from being shared with clients that do not have access to the tracker. The flag is requested for inclusion in the official specification in August, 2008, but had not been accepted yet. Clients that had ignored the private flag are banned by many trackers, discouraging the practice.

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