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Ahmaru syakeo Tupac (Tupac Amaru Shakur) was an American rapper and actor.
Commonly referred to as 2Pac, dead, I followed Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory yemyeongin used in the 'maca Valley (Makaveli)' was called, also known as.
Availability, except the name "Tupac ahmaru 'the kechuaheoro' for noble ', meaning 18 of the Inca Empire (last) Emperor, Tupac is probably named after Lou.
He was America's top movie star, known as the West has been called the king of hip-hop. He recorded the album, and hip - hop panmaeryangman million in 7700, along with Eminem has sold the most albums.
4 July 1996 in Las Vegas, shot through the foot, 'University Medical Center' to evacuate, but dies.

Tupac (Tupac | Lesane Parish Crooks) singer
Births - Deaths: 16 June 1971 (USA) - September 13, 1996
Gender: Male
Real name: Lesane Parish Crooks
Constellation: Gemini
Band: Pig
Body: 180cm, 76kg
Family: Type mopeurim syakeo
Debut: 1st album in 1991 [2Pacalypse Now]
Career: 2002 Hip-Hop Hall of Fame inductees

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