Ural Dumplings (the best)



Watch the show "Ural dumplings " in a completely free access.
Missed the issue on TV? See it here.
I would like to see the " Ural dumplings " over and over again?
Once " Ural dumplings " have become incredibly popular even as a team of KVN.
Their jokes are instantly dispersed and then repeated many times , their numbers included in the collections of the best in the history of the club,
remember their faces , even those who only watched the WHC from time to time .
Not surprisingly, then " Ural dumplings " became more and more likely to appear in a variety of
quiz shows , and in 2009 organized their own.
And now you can show " Ural dumplings " watch online for free.
Each edition of the show " Ural dumplings " has a pronounced theme.
Rooms are confined to general holidays or devoted to fashion trends , but each has a unique style of team.
The ability to laugh at what is familiar to everyone, do a parody of everyday life and a parody of a parody ,
to lead to the absurd crazy everyday life - a proprietary features of the style team.
Laughter as a way of life , what else to expect from the guys , a profession which was the quality humor .
Laugh as much as you want with the show " Ural dumplings !"

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