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    µTV simply works in 3 steps*:
    1. Add a TV show you wish to download.
    2. "Refresh" to search for new episodes' torrents.
    3. "Download All" to send them remotely to µTorrent.
    * It's that simple AFTER you set it up :D

    Note: Episodes are downloaded on your PC at home not on the android device itself.

    **IMPORTANT** use this app LEGALLY and beware of rules and regulations enforced locally on P2P file sharing. I'm not responsible for any consequences caused by misusing this app.

    Buy µTV for the AD-Free version of this app. This app is not limited by any means in comparison to the paid version.

    - You can get µTorrent from
    - In order for the app to function, you have to enable "Web UI" in µTorrent.
    - Go to settings (on this app) to enter your µTorrent IP, PORT, Username and Password.
    - The "Refresh" button searches for new episodes and the "Download All" sends them all to µTorrent.
    - Take note that you might have to set-up port forwarding on your home modem if you want to use this app from a different WiFi network or 3G.
    - muTV can only find episodes that actually have verified torrents. It might not find non-popular TV Shows, old episodes or TV Shows that aren't recorded by seasons and episodes.
    - If the app crashes try clearing the app data from your device's Settings --> Applications because there might be a dirty entry in its database (I'll add filters in upcoming updates). Also make sure the app is always updated to the latest version.

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