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Video Cloud is a video streaming client for your Android device. Upload your MP4 videos to Google Drive and stream them to your Android device anywhere you go. No need to carry your movies in your SDCard!

1. Use your PC to convert your videos to MP4 format
One of the best free utilities is FormatFactory:

FormatFactory Settings:
Type: MP4
Video encode: AVC(H264)
Audio encode: AAC

2. Enable streaming in your movies by using Metadata Mover (free utility):
Just open the directory where your MP4 files are and click on "Edit all Files"

3. Upload your movies to your GDocs account:

4. Choose Refresh/Search in the app menu to get a list of your movies.

=> This software is provided AS-IS and comes with NO WARRANTIES or guarantees. Author assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY whatsoever including data loss or network usage. Video Cloud and Okysoftware LLC are not associated with Google Drive or Google. Google Drive is a trademark of Google. No rights reserved.

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